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The first day of the last day (all rights reserved)

Her vacations were over, and she felt anxious about going back to school. She wondered how it would be this year, she wondered how her classmates would be like, if they’d changed, or if they haven’t. She wanted to know her adventures, the few they had. She just needed to know they were alright, even if they weren’t her friends.

She just needed to listen to their voices, because she knew, soon she won’t be listening to them anymore. She needed to enjoy this year, more than the others, because it was her last. And last year is always tough, and busy, but she just needed to feel fine, because they were fine also. So she would just walk into school, and say hi to each of them, and make sure she remembers each of their faces.

She needed to remember her faces, because in the last day of her last year, she’d remember their faces in the first day, and she’ll cry, remembering then each year at her school. Maybe her family will cry too, and be proud of her, because maybe she passed all of her tests, all of her classes, without mistakes. She will be fine in the future, but sure as hell she’ll miss all her friends.

So in graduation day, she’ll look around, and see each face of her generation, she’ll give a speech, and she’ll remember each word she said, and each face they made. She’ll be fine, with the words shaking, tumbling, out of her mouth, and sweet little tears streaming down her face. Her friends will also cry, and her family too. She will feel scared, about how will college be. But she will be brave, and she’ll make it till the end, knowing that her career is what she wants, what she had decided ever since she was in high-school.

So then, first day of college, she’ll be scared, and intimidated by all those seniors, and teachers, and then, she’ll walk in, and fall into someone’s life. She’ll be happy, she’ll be confident, she’ll be strong. Like her family taught her to be. She’ll live life, like she deserves to live it. And her family will be proud, as it has always been.

But then, she’ll just go to sleep, ‘cause she might be ready, to her first day, of her last year.

And then life will stumble into her way, and she need to fall and stand up fast if she doesn’t want to fail. And then she’ll have to test the lesson, before learning it, and she’ll commit mistakes, but she’ll be okay. And once she gets a job, and be stable, someone will come and turn her mind upside down, she’ll fall in love, she’ll break down, her heart will break, but at the end she’ll be okay.

She’ll get married, keep her job, have two children, one girl and a boy, she’ll live with a dog, and her husband, who she’ll love. But that will just last years, until he finds someone else, and she’ll be independent, and happy on her own. Her kids will be what they want to be, with freedom of choosing what they really want. They won’t be wall flowered like their aunt, who ended up singing in a bar.

They’ll go to college, and she’ll grow old, maybe she’ll find someone who makes her happy again. She’ll keep some of her friends of school, remember the boy who she fell in love at college too, she’ll be okay, and take his hand, and make sure she loves him, before she dies.

So she’ll die loved, and live her last day, in the first day of her death. She’ll also be happy, cause she lived the life she wanted to have. She’ll smile while she takes her first breath, out of her last day. That’ll be her life, happy and okay. Everyone will remember, the girl who lived like the novels her sister wrote.

She’ll be okay, in the first day, of her last day.